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Why Your Brain Loves Learning

Guest Post by CourseFinder

Years of advanced neuroscientific research make it clear – when it comes to the health of our brains, learning is nothing short of essential. During the course of our lives, our brains tend to create shortcuts on the basis of our habits and routine. While these are great for our productivity, they don’t stimulate our brains to develop. Learning new skills, we can effectively rewire our brains by creating new synaptic connections. This process is called neuroplasticity; our brains respond to each new skill by improving the density of our gray matter, growing in size and strengthening its synapses.

Which skills are best for our brains? All of them! Be it sports, music or language, every new skill develops stronger memory, increases our analytical abilities, powers our decision-making capacity and stimulates our creativity. All of them will relate to various areas of our brain responsible for concentration, balance, motor control, speech or vision – that’s why it’s important to train all of them equally.

Going for sports, you’ll increase the blood flow to your brain – giving it more oxygen and positively affecting your mood, alertness and vitality. Playing sports instantly increases the level of endorphins in your blood, making you feel happy and satisfied.

Playing a musical instrument trains various areas of the brain, impacting your learning, creativity and cognition. It improves your memory, processing speed, planning ability, verbal fluency and makes you more sensitive to sounds you hear every day.

Learning a new language is a great brain exercise as well. You’ll become more open-minded and quicker in resolving problems or ambiguities. Linguistic training will improve your creativity, mental flexibility, concentration and overall intelligence.

To top it all, learning new skills is essential to the health of our brains since new abilities keep our brains active, helping us to live longer and healthier lives. If you love your brain, try to learn something new today!

Why your brain loves learning

Basketball, Soccer, and Tag Games books available on Amazon!

If you’ve ever wanted a hard copy of the Basketball PE, Soccer PE, and/or Tag Games mobile applications, you’re in luck – these books are now available on Amazon as well!

Basketball in Physical Education: Defend, Dribble, Pass, & Shoot!Soccer in Physical Education: Defend, Dribble, Pass, & Shoot!Tag Games in Physical Education: Tag, You're It!

IceBreaker Games on Amazon!

Recently, TGfU: Teaching Games for Understanding was published on Amazon.

Well, if you’ve ever wanted a hard copy of the IceBreaker Games mobile application, you’re in luck – the book is now available on Amazon as well!

IceBreaker Games

TGfU on Amazon!

Well, I went the self-publishing route!

If you’ve ever wanted a hard copy of the TGfU Games PE mobile application, you’re in luck – the book is now available on Amazon!

TGfU: Teaching Games for Understanding

Much Needed Update

Hey everyone,

I haven’t posted in a while and I apologize.  Currently, I’m wrapping up my internship for my graduate degree in Educational Technology at Concordia University, which began on May 5th.  Besides the 675-hour requirement, I also need to submit a ~50 page internship report for October 1st as well as present in front of a committee of judges to be conferred my degree.

Nevertheless, I haven’t forgotten about you all, I’ve just been really, really busy!  I hope to get back into the swing of things, but if my posting is still somewhat irregular in the next few weeks, I apologize in advance.

As always, thank you for the support!


Teachers deserve much more support and respect

The end of the school year is often bittersweet, for both teachers and students. Most are happy for the impending holidays and the free time that summer brings (trust me, the bags under my eyes are getting harder to cover up), but most will admit there is always a little sadness attached to this parting of ways.

An excellent article written by teacher Stephanie Kessler and published by the Montreal Gazette regarding teacher support, respect, and recognition.

To all teachers, have a safe, relaxing, and fun summer – you’ve more than earned it!

Link –

      Teachers deserve much more support and respect

Where Good Ideas Come From

Sometimes, it just clicks.

Hooked On Classics

I’ve been really busy as of late, but I still managed to find some time to put together a fun little gaming app – a first for me!

Here’s a quick preview of Hooked On Classics!

Release Date: TBA

APEQ Tchoukball Social

Join the Association of Physical Educators of Quebec on Thursday, May 29th from 5:30pm to 8:30pm for APEQ’s Annual Sporting Social. This year’s edition – Tchoukball!

Details below. Please register by Tuesday, May 27th by completing the following Google Form –

Hope to see you there!

APEQ 2014 Tchoukball Social

Happy National Teacher Appreciation Day

Happy National Teacher Appreciation Day!