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Feedback: Too much yes, too much no!

November 19, 2011

Feedback is important and must be meaningful for each and every student!

Notes from the Sportsfield...

Feedback is a key element of quality teaching and in PE & Sports Coaching this is no exception. As we all know, feedback can often be too generic and not tailored to individual students, due to a mix of things such as class numbers and time restraints. Such feedback is deemed uninformative and irrelevant.

Many teachers and coaches fall into a pattern of giving feedback in the form of commentary, such as ‘good shot’ or ‘better luck next time’.

There is of course nothing wrong with these comments, but I am sure you agree that feedback should ideally be wrapped in reasoning and rationale. So instead of saying ‘Yes’ or ‘Good’ when witnessing some good work being done by a student that you have given a correction or improvement to, why not try adding in:

  • ‘Great shot, but try keeping your head down for a little longer next time’,
  • ‘Good…

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