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Top Ten Websites for PHE

December 2, 2011

Teachers can find information and resources for enhancing the teaching of physical education and health at the following ten websites.

  1. American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance The professional organization for educators in these areas.
  2. American School Health Association The professional organization for health educators.
  3. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention This site offers a broad range of current information on health and wellness and is an excellent source of quality information for students and teachers.
  4. Go Ask Alice Students or teachers ask questions about health and wellness issues. Visitors simply send in their questions; they are answered by a team of experts from the Columbia University Health Question & Answer Service.
  5. Kids Health Parents.children. teens, and professionals find answers to commonly asked health questions. Topics include the benefits of different types of vitamins, the food pyramid, healthy children’s recipes, how to read food labels, and keeping fit.
  6. Health Teacher site that offers a comprehensive, sequential K-12 health education curriculum consisting of almost 300 lesson guides that meet national health education standards and provide skills-based assessment methods.
  7. University of Alberta Health Centre Health Information Page Provides access to free interactive software that teaches about various health topics relevant to young adults.
  8. Science of Sport site addresses the science of sport-specifically baseball, cycling, skateboarding, and hockey.
  9. P.E. Links 4U Provides information on adapted physical education, coaching and sports, elementary physical education, health and nutrition, fitness, interdisciplinary secondary physical education, and technology in physical education. Also has links to other major physical education websites.
  10. Using Technology in Physical Education Newsletter provides physical educators and health educators with the latest information on using technology in physical education.



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