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PHE Curriculum: Around the Globe – Creative Writing

January 17, 2012

Around the Globe – Creative Writing in 15 Minutes

PHE Curriculum is like a lengthy trip around the world.  Different cultures, beliefs, and values around every corner in which people live their lives by.  Sometimes, these are similar to yours, but oftentimes they are very different.  Sometimes, on a trip around the globe, you might feel like you’re going in circles or that you’ve seen and experienced something before, almost like a deja-vu.  Nonetheless, you keep trekking along believing that you’re being directed in the right direction and you trust yourself and those around you to get you to where you need to travel to.

However, by the end of your trip, you realize that you missed a number of places or haven’t seen all there was to see.  At this point, you might plan for another trip, but at the end of it all, you realize something quite enlightening.  Although you might not have experienced or seen all that there was to experience and see, you still appreciate what your trip had to offer while remaining hungry for what consistently lies ahead.

All in all, it is up to you to make what you want of your trip around the globe and to expand your horizons for what you can do tomorrow…


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