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Value Orientation Inventory – Which one are you?

January 24, 2012

Sample Sets

Below you will find groups or sets of statements that describe goals for students in physical education.  Because of limitations in class time facilities, equipment, and scheduling, etc., we often have to make hard choice about which goals are most important for students in our physical education classes.

Please read the items in each set and rank them from 5 (most important) to 1 (least important).  Although some items in the various sets may seem similar, they express different goals that physical educators believe are important.  Your rankings will be used by your school district to plan staff development sessions and other support services to assist you in accomplishing your goals for students in physical education.


  1. Carefully read all of the statements in each set before answering.
  2. Consider the importance of each statement to you when planning and teaching students in your physical education classes.
  3. Assign your priority (5 to 1) by ranking each statement.
  4. Place a “5” next to the statement that is most important in your planning and teaching, a “4” next to the statement that is second most important and so on through number “1”, which is the statement of least importance compared with the others.
  5. Please give each statement in the set a different number, even when this is difficult

Set 1

  1. ___ I teach students rules and strategies for efficient performance in games and sport.
  2. ___ I guide students to work together to solve class problems.
  3. ___ I teach students to be aware of differences in ability in the class and help others who need assistance.
  4. ___ I teach students to select goals consistent with their unique abilities.
  5. ___ I teach students to solve problems by modifying movements and skills based on the demands of a given situation.

Set 2

6. ___ I teach students to use class content to work productively alone and in group situations.

7. ___ I teach students to work together to solve class problems.

8. ___ I teach students the processes associated with learning new skills.

9. ___ I teach students to select tasks they value and enjoy.

10. ___ I teach students to move effectively when performing skill and fitness tasks

Set 3

11. ___ I teach students that differences in body size, height, and weight can lead to differences in performance.

12. ___ I encourage students to be the best they can be.

13. ___ I teach students to balance their own needs with those of their classmates.

14. ___ I require students to practice the skill, sport, and fitness activities I introduce in class.

15. ___ I evaluate students based on their effort in class.


Each item in each set represents one of the five value orientations.  Add the scores for items in each value orientation category (listed below).  Scores of 6 and below equal a low priority for the value orientation.  Scores of 12 and above equal a high priority.  Remember, this is just a sample of the VOI Items.  The actual VOI has 18 sets of items and provides a more reliable and valid indicator of your value orientation profile.

Disciplinary mastery:         Items 1, 10, 14

Learning process:                Items 5, 8, 15

Self-actualization:               Items 4, 9, 12

Ecological integration:     Items 2, 6, 13

Social reconstruction:      Items 3, 7, 11




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