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Association of Physical Educators of Quebec (APEQ)

March 23, 2012

As the Social Media Community Manager of APEQ, my primary role involves managing APEQ’s Twitter and Facebook presence, in addition to other tasks.

Recently, I decided to take advantage of the introduction of Facebook timeline to incorporate some changes to APEQ’s Facebook page.  I worked on it for a few days and came up with some new graphics and a “Welcome” tab for users that are not currently fans of the page who stumble upon (or are directed) to the page.  Included in this “Welcome” tab is an introductory video to APEQ’s mediums of communication – Facebook, Twitter, and the Website.  As a side note, our Twitter page also got a new design, which you could check out on our profile (@APEQonline).

You can watch the video here:

Here are APEQ’s links as highlighted in the video:




EDIT: I must say, it’s hard to believe I’ve only been at APEQ for a little over a month.  It feels like I’ve been part of the committee for much longer.  Overall, I’m having a lot of fun with it and it makes sense – I’m doing what I already enjoy doing (social networking) for a one-of-a-kind organization dedicated to physical and health education!


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