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Standardized Testing – Guilty?

May 24, 2012

I stumbled across this image and I asked myself: “Standardized testing seems to always be a source of debate in schools, especially in the classroom setting – is it just as predominant in the gymnasium?”

Evidently, in the aforementioned photo, standardized testing seems to be an absurd idea when it comes to testing students.  Each student has his/her own way of learning – some are better listening, others at seeing, and others at doing.  However, does there exist a way to formulate a written exam to support a student’s strength?

Evidently, when it comes to projects and what not, sometimes there are many choices and students will choose the one that plays to their strengths.  When it comes to exam time, everyone is tested on the same material and in the same manner, whether that be multiple choice, short answer, true or false, essay questions or any combination of the previous choices.

Does #physed suffer from the “standardized testing effect”?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not necessarily arguing for or against standardized testing, I’m just trying to shed some light on the matter while simultaneously trying to understand what works best and what everyone else believes is the best method when it comes to testing one’s knowledge.

Previously, I posted Ken Robinson’s talk about “Changing Education Paradigms” ( – I suggest taking a quick view.

Overall, sometimes it seems like the goal of education is simply to pass the test.  However, in my opinion, the focus should be more about the learning process itself.  So often students will go in memorizing (not learning) for a test and forget all the material as soon as the exam is over.  Perhaps encouraging creativity and promoting learning through the use of the material as opposed to simply testing the material itself would benefit the entire school population.

What are your thoughts on standardized testing?


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One Comment
  1. Article super interessant. Beaucoup de discernement dans tes explications. Je met ca en favoris. Merci pour le partage !

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