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A Personal Message from Project Fit America (@fitamerica)!

May 27, 2012
There is something about “raw passion” – it just shines through. When we see this, we want to find a way to foster and support this as that ONE Physical Education Teacher will mold, change, engage and inspire thousands of kids giving them a real, honest, bigger than life opportunity to set a kid on fire with a love of movement they will carry for life.  There are many out there like you!  Through your online blog and twitter, you will connect with them as we have done with you.  We always say “Fit kids-one school at a time!” because the solid grassroots work of passionate PE Teachers is the most profound place to put our support as you are on the front line everyday to make a launch into healthy adulthood happen!  We believe this to be true and base our charities’ work on this singular mission.  Invest in PE – you make a positive deposit into the “bank of life.”
-Project Fit America (@fitamerica)

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  1. Stacey Cook permalink

    PE’s Northern brother out there and connecting to support, advocate, educate. Gr8 job!

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