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Twitter – A Teacher’s Best Friend

June 9, 2012

via Liz Dwyer – Education Editor

“A teacher who engages with other educators on Twitter essentially has a 24/7 open door policy.  It’s pretty clear teachers are collaborating with each other by sharing solutions to their challenges—links to articles, resources and practical ideas.”

So why aren’t all educators involved in the technological realm of Twitter?

“Not all teachers have totally embraced Twitter. Some are a little tech-phobic. Those that aren’t are sometimes concerned about sharing information in public when their colleagues are getting fired for what they write on personal blogs and Facebook pages.”

Here’s a link to a past post of mine, which dates back to February 22nd of 2012.  Regardless of your discipline, if you are active on Twitter, here’s the post regarding the A-Z Dictionary of Educational Twitter Hashtags.


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