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TGfU Resubmission – Old VS New

August 12, 2012

TGfU Games for Elementary PE, the mobile application for iOS devices, is currently waiting for review after being resubmitted.  My first version of the application was rejected due to Apple’s request for more of a user-interface with more iOS features.  Look below for comparison screenshots:

Fingers crossed, hopefully this will do the trick!  I know it’s hard to judge just by looking at photos, but I believe that the new and redesigned version of TGfU Games for Elementary PE will give users more bang for the buck.  In fact, the original version was only accessible for iPhone & iPod devices due to limitations.  This version grants accessibility to iPad as well.  Moreover, a few new features have been implemented in the newest version of the application including the all important “A-Z” listing of games in addition to being categorized in categories, which is rather standard in reference applications.

All in all, this week will be yet another one of biting finger nails in anticipation for Apple’s review.  Wish me luck and I will keep you all posted!


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