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@PHECanada: Connecting @PhysicalLiteracy with #PhysEd

September 7, 2012

“What is the connection between physical education, physical literacy and community sport participation? And what role can teachers, school administrators, school boards, and parents have in supporting physical literacy? PHE Canada has produced a video exploring these issues and illustrating the importance of physical literacy in children.

Produced with the financial support of Sport Canada, the video provides an introduction to the concept of physical literacy, how it is nurtured in and out of the school setting, and how it plays a role in supporting lifelong healthy living.

Even in places where commitments to regular physical activity and physical education have waned, there are teachers, administrators, coaches, volunteers and parents who represent grassroots leadership in the gyms, on the fields and at the rinks. These individuals are catalysts for change and need reinforcement that what they strive to achieve is possible, and support is available. We must affirm that the desire for individual growth and development has significant value. This video provides motivation, tools, and techniques that express not only how to work with children and youth, but also systems, administrations, parents, and community resources.”


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