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#TGfU Games for Elementary PE – App Store Update!

October 17, 2012

An update in the iOS App Store is now available for #TGfU Games for Elementary PE!

What’s New in Version 1.1

“Scringo integration! Discover a new social and engaging experience. Only requirements? An internet connection & the simple swipe of the finger!”

The new Scringo integration will resemble the following screenshot

Here’s an in-depth look at the new social features:

Chat: Scringo Chat feature allows users to chat with other users.  The Chat screen shows old chats, making it very easy to continue old discussions. In addition, Scringo will show an indication to users, when there’s a new message waiting, for yet another reason to come back again to TGfU Games for Elementary PE and see what’s new.

Radar: Scringo Radar lets users find each other. The map and the list views display who else is running your app nearby, who’s online and ready to talk, and what they like to do with your app. Scringo Radar also allows users to view only their friends, prevent interactions with unwanted users, and more.

Feed: Scringo Feed displays what other users are doing with TGfU Games for Elementary PE.  This is a great way for users to learn new things they can do with TGfU Games for Elementary PE. It can also be a good starting point for those who like to discover new friends with similar fields of interest.

Invite: Scringo Invite allows users to quickly invite their friends to use TGfU Games for Elementary PE. Supported invitations include Facebook, Twitter, email and text messages.

In summary:

Overall, the new update contains a new dynamic and social element within TGfU Games for Elementary PE and has been implemented in order to create a “community” feel similar to Facebook and Twitter among other social media platforms to promote interactions among users within the app.  Share your favorite games, your ideas, how you’re using TGfU Games for Elementary PE and simply enjoy the conversations among like-minded individuals and physical education/activity professionals in the field!


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  1. Matt permalink

    A few colleagues and I would love this app on Android. We are among those causing the demand. Great job on it by the way.

    • Hey Matt,

      Thanks for the kind words! Now that it’s been rather successful in its first month on iOS devices, I’m definitely looking into an Android version, it’s just a little more difficult than it appears to simply convert one into the other. I plan on trying, though, and we’ll take it from there. I hope I can really come through for all those Android PE teachers out there!


      • Matt permalink

        Thanks a lot. Take your time, I know how long it takes. A good buddy of mine is a mobile programmer. I love the site. Any way we could get a link to a zipped file with all those pdfs from your site. That way I can print them and keep a binder in the time being.

      • Matt permalink

        Yeah sorry I guess I should say game sheets (pdf files.were assumed). Is there any way get those games in printable form?

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