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Project Fit America (@fitamerica) Fitness Cups – Day 1!

April 2, 2013

Over a year ago, I received a very generous donation of 1000 fitness cups from Project Fit America (@fitamerica), the first shipment of its kind to make it north of the border (Canada) !

Today, I put those fitness cups to good use with my grade 5 classes playing “Tallest Tower” & “Amazing Cup Race”, both of which are featured on Project Fit America’s YouTube Channel.

Tomorrow, the grade 3s and 4s will get their chance with the grade 6 students on deck this Friday!

Below you will find a couple of snapshots and a video of today’s fitness cup day!

IMG_0349 IMG_0359


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  1. Awesome…love your “rock paper scissors” twist to this!! That is a whole lot of fitness activity going down. For those not familiar with cup building…each cup represents fitness activities the kids perform to “earn” the cups to build!! ..and wow…those towers are so TALL!! Also love how “team friendly” they are working with each other. Gr8 job Nick!! Thanks for awesome post!

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