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#TGfU Games PE featured on App Central!

July 17, 2013

TGfU Games PE featured on Canada’s weekly television series exploring creative apps – App Central!

TGfU Games PE is the first of a series of physical & health education related apps developed by fellow PHE teacher Nicholas Stratigopoulos.  Released in October 2012, TGfU Games PE includes more than 200 different games and activities designed to keep students captivated and on the move.

TGfU Games PE provides teachers, coaches, animators, activity specialists and camp counselors alike with the tools needed to create an environment that is conducive to the way children learn tactics & strategies while developing their skill sets. More so, TGfU Games PE keeps children active through games that are both educational and fun for all those involved.

The app features a comprehensive collection of games, a wide variety of skill levels, broad categories of games & activities, robust search capability, and a thorough explanation of the TGfU model (Teaching Games for Understanding).  In addition, an imminent app update will feature even more games & activities from a fellow PHE teacher’s YouTube channel – PhysEdGames.

Those interested in TGfU Games PE should also check out Nicholas Stratigopoulos’ other physical education apps: Basketball PE, Soccer PE, and Tag Games ( Interested in learning more about the TGfU Games application or want to submit your own games to the database? Visit TGfU Games PE online.”


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