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2c. Instructor’s Guide

The Instructor’s Guide contains information for instructions to prepare for the workshop.

The preface contains information regarding the concept map, instructor’s agenda, administrivia, an overview of the objectives, as well as learner prerequisites. For each individual slide, there’s the title of the slide itself, the time allotted for instruction, the objective covered, the lesson description, reference to the corresponding page of the learner booklet, and any additional notes for the instructor.  The following is covered, in order:

  1. Introduction
  2. Purpose & Objectives
  3. What is Buzztouch?
  4. Module 1 – Creating a New Project
  5. Module 2 – Planning an iOS App
  6. Module 3 – Developing & Preparing
  7. Module 4 – Running in Xcode
  8. List of Resources
  9. Thank You!

Lastly, a glossary of terms is provided for definitions of some technical jargon as a well as a copy of the summative evaluation and course evaluation forms.  An attendance sheet for the workshop is also supplied along with the learner’s agenda.  An additional notes section is also provided.

Version 1.0: Instructor’s Package (v1)

Version 2.0: Instructor’s Package (v2)

Version 3.0 (final): Instructor’s Package (v3)

Short Reflection: Instructor’s Package (Reflection)

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