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Here you will find 56 Physical and Health Education games that could be played from Cycle 1 to Cycle 3 (K-6) in the Quebec Education Program.  Physical and Health Education programs have evolved from the acquisition of knowledge by learning skills through drills to focusing on the construction of meaning through games.  Instead of the content being technique based, it is now concept based.  The instructor’s role is to facilitate problem solving while the learner’s role is to actively engage in the learning process.  All in all, Physical and Health Education has moved away from a traditional behaviorist model to a constructivist model that is student centered, developmental, and progressive. 

Cooperative, Team Building                                                                                                  
Foundational Movement
12.  Hoops
19.  Jailbreak
22.  Speedball
23.  Star Wars
Net and Wall
29.  Line game
32.  Squish
Pursuit & Evade
33.  Blob
39.  Swipe
43.  Precious
45.  Sandman
47.  Zapper
Striking and Fielding
49.  3 Ball
52.  Incoming
56.  T Ball
For more games & activities, check out the following apps
Also available for Android here
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